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Think beyond the Whiteboards with Creative Applications of Interactive Flat Panel Display

Interactive Flat Panel Display

In today’s world, effective communication is the key to paramount success. Many factors that shape and transform ideas have contributed to the success of the business, educative institutions, and creative professionals. The way presentations are delivered and which ultimately results in collaboration.

Interactive Flat Panel Display is a game-changer technology that revolutionizes digital content and interactions today

Why should you start using an Interactive Flat Panel Display Whiteboard?

An interactive Flat Panel Display Whiteboard can serve a variety of purposes. Today it has replaced the traditional whiteboards in the classroom. It supports audio, video conferences and is therefore a good new source for learning.

Some of the use cases are as follows:- 

  1. Creative ideas and brainstorming
  2. Beautiful presentations
  3. Hybrid meetings/Standup meetings /Retro meetings
  4. Training
  5. Audio and Video on the whiteboard

Gladwin’s Interactive Flat Panel Display Whiteboard different from all others!

The first thing that comes to our mind when we go for an Interactive Flat Panel Display purchase is the Interactive Flat Panel price. 

Let’s check how you can benefit from Gladwin’s Interactive Panel for Education.

  1. The display quality and technology

The first thing for which we purchase an interactive touch panel is the monitor. A monitor may differ from one place to another according to the size as well as several other aspects that need to be considered. 

These are the following factors that differentiate Gladwin from the market:- 

  • Different sizes available (55, 65, 75, 86, 98, 110)
  • Dimensions
  • Brightness
  • Weight and more.
  1. The touch technology

With Gladwin’s interactive panel for education, you stand out from the race. Well, we make the user experience the best within our capacities. From the best touch technology to the best interactive digital board price in India, we stand out. 

Today touch technology has gained a significant amount of importance which makes it even more important to go for none other than Gladwin’s Interactive LED Panel.

  1. The Pen Technology

Yes, you heard that right. We have already introduced the pen technology in our interactive touch panel. Well, of course being able to write with a pen on the boards is what makes them a digital interactive touch panel.

  1. Price

Let’s finally speak on the most important aspect while considering your purchase of an interactive LED panel. The interactive flat panel price offered by Gladwin is the one that makes them stand out in the market. With the best resources available they offer the top service and stand out. 

The Interactive Flat Panel Display offered by Gladwin are: 

  1. Platinum Series 55”
  2. Platinum Series 65”
  3. Platinum Series 75”
  4. Platinum Series 86”
  5. Platinum Series 98″
  6. Platinum Series 110’

Benefits of using Interactive Panel for Education

  1. A shift in Pedagogy: Teacher to student

Another feature that the Interactive Touch Panel has brought is the shift towards the student-centered method of learning which will help a student develop more critical thinking, creativity, and collaborative spirit. The old pattern of following the traditional lectures, tests, etc is ruled out by this new method of learning and teaching. With interactive LED panel students can analyze, explore and eventually develop more knowledge. It can be a source of project-based and problem-based learning approaches where the students are the real heroes solving a problem. 

  1. A Shift in Assessment:  Quantitative to Qualitative

The interactive touch panel has made it very easy to change from quantitative to qualitative. Today teachers use more qualitative methods of technology thanks to Interactive Flat Panel Display like smart board 75 inch which provide timely and constructive feedback to the teachers and hence help to monitor students. For example, teachers can use the smart board 75 inch to administer online survey polls, and quizzes, which help measure a child’s understanding, motivation, and satisfaction. Interactive Flat Panel Display or Interactive LED Panel can help teachers with self-assessment, peer review, and more. 

  1. A shift in communication:  One-way to two-way

With interactive panel for education, we have started to think out of the box, Now student voice and chat processes are promoted. An Interactive Flat Panel Display can help students talk, and express/share ideas, opinions, and emotions. Teachers can also use an Interactive Flat Panel Display to make and share multimedia PPTs, discussions, and games that engage and motivate students. They can also connect with others via Zoom or Google Meet. 

  1. A Shift in Curriculum: Static to Dynamic

With the help of an interactive panel for education like a smart board 75-inch teachers can create, access, and customize a variety of digital resources to create and access digital resources that suit the needs, wants, and desires of students. Interactive Flat Panel Display provides diversified content like images, videos animations, simulations, and more which allows to stay updated with the latest trends and technology.


Interactive Panel for education has transformed the traditional methods of teaching into more student-centered ways providing enhanced teaching and learning. With the best price available today for interactive digital board price India, Gladwin is creating more ways to create a better place for students, teachers, and the community overall. Teachers also learn lessons from interactive LED panel and are more efficiently able to give outputs to students with their learning. With this teachers are needlessly creating a better and memorable experience for their students. 

The Interactive Flat Panel price offered by Gladwin makes it even more precious to look for no other option and make a purchase decision. These smart board 75 inch are reshaping the way we teach and the education system overall. From small to high schools to colleges these interactive touch panel have become the need of the day. Today we create and environment that fosters productivity, innovation, and engagement.

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